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We have a local groups of “cannibus enthusiasts” and would like to find more. All are welcome, most of us are professionals of some type and want to be anonymous, you can as well. We trade tips, tricks, seeds and good times. There is a “screening process” for lack of a better word.  To get info message me here or we also put a listing on Craigslist, I Tweet the title, you find it and teply to that post to be contacted for next meeting place and time. CL post changes so check the tweets. This group getting big so we may add more parties or break into smaller groups. Idk right now it’s just fun. We are in Hampton Roads Va, but there are a few using same posting title in their area. So even if your not near me, search the title on CL and you might find a club near you. Who knows maybe it’ll get big enough to do something with. Also join your local NORML. Hope to see you this weekend. Tweet me @legalmarijuanava

Also if you are interested in hosting or know a good place to get together let me know. We will smoke it out. 



NOW IS THE TIME to participate in the NORML Nation Membership Drive! Virginia NORML NEEDS your help to KEEP us in FIRST PLACE! Your $25 (or $50 or $100) donation will not only score you some EXCELLENT swag, it could also help Virginia NORML win a $1000 grant from NORML!
20,000 Virginians are arrested annually for marijuana possession while MILLIONS of Americans are enjoying legal recreational and full medicalaccess. Don’t we deserve the same freedom? Together, we can end cannabis prohibition in Virginia. JOIN the #‎NORMLNation TODAY!
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August 2nd marked the 78th anniversary of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 – the beginning of marijuana prohibition in America. Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans – over 20,000 in Virginia alone – suffer the consequences of harsh criminal penalties for simple possession. Their lives are derailed by legal fees, court delays, employment challenges and, of course, criminal records. It’s time to end prohibition in Virginia!
With the November General Assembly elections quickly approaching, the next few months are crucial. We must get the attention of Richmond, and time is of the essence! Our ongoing $100k fundraising challenge will finance a statewide media and lobbying campaign that includes billboards, radio ads, social media, town hall meetings, speaking engagements, a first-class Cannabis Conference, and a Lobby Day in Richmond. Donate now to help us achieve these goals and reach our first milestone — two billboards in Virginia this month! 

Legal things more Lethal than Marijuana. 

  • Automobiles (1.3 mil/year or 3287 daily)
  • Alcohol(88000 a year)
  • Cigarettes (6 mil a year
  • Lightening (2000 average a year)
  • Heat waves(over 20k a year)
  • Cancer(over 500k)
  • Trees(100+ in U.S. a year)
  • Drowning (3533 a year in U.S.)
  • Lawn mowers(75 a year)
  • House Fire(13210 yr. )
  • House cleaners(5000 yr)
  • Falling(+6000)
  • Choking(+1000)
  • Drowning at Home(800)

I won’t debate the accuracy of these statistics, I googled them all from reputable sources and believe them pretty accurate. What I will debate is the fact that there is not 1 death ever, that was caused by marijauna. Yet we spend millions of dollars to try and police. It’s a war America has lost. Let me know some more deadly, common things that people use daily without threat of being caged. I will post to list. Thanks

Does the state deserve to take your car because your holding an eighth of pot?

Weed Destigmatized

While Colorado opens its first Cannabis resort many states still fight for decriminalization. I live in Virginia, and it like many states Virginia does not even allow medical marijuana. My state still locks 1000’s of people in cages, spending tons of taxpayer money. While also lining the pockets of local police departments everywhere with millions of dollar seized before charges are even filed. Worse it’s perfectly legal. According to federal and state asset forfeiture laws cops can take property and cash, no matter how much it is, what your intentions are to do with it, and who cares if you earned it legally and it is your life savings. PROVE IT! Most cases take over a year, and cost thousands just to get your own property or cash back. There have been stories of more than one person that saved for years, withdrawal and take their money to go and purchase a vehicle. Got pulled…

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Changing Views on Marijuana Use and People that Use it.